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MizDragonfly is a line of limited-edition vintage jewelry founded by Karine of Brooklyn. This eclectic collection is the intersection of old Hollywood glam and quirky street style. MizDragonfly has a number of stand out, statement pieces (my favorite kind.) The line caught my eye with their funky knuckle rings that have been red carpet favorites of celebrities such as Lauren Lee Smith, Natalie Brown, Cory Lee and Gabrielle Miller. MizDragonfly jewelry is sold in retailers all over the world and regularly featured in magazines such as FLARE, Dress to Kill, Tatalum, GlassBook, Factice, 1968 and Superior. 

Three pieces tickled my fancy more than the others. What do you think of my choices?


(It's vintage)


Currently this FURRIFIC babe is retailing for $65 and worth heaps more than that. This ring is one-of-a-kind AKA ultra limited edition. Notice the vintage Italian golden disk accent that adds to the sophistication and beauty of the piece. I am an advocate of absolutely zero fur, but this rabbit fur is recycled - so if you NEED to get your fur fix, please use this ring to satiate. 


Spiked heels not for you?

These Farrah Spikes are now your newest obsession

Limited edition earrings with gold plated spikes on brass hoops.  What more could you ask for I mean seriously? These Farrah Spikes are what dreams are made of. Worried about the weight of these babes? Don't, they are as lightweight as they are gorgeous.

herrerra ring.jpg

You know you love it!


This Herrara Ring is exceptionally special. It was created from a recycled golden belt buckle + vintage green/purple suede. Does it feel a touch Mayan to you? It does to me. May it bring us good fortune for the end of 2017. 

Thanks for joining me upcycle heaven courtesy of MizDragonfly and her dope Brooklyn bling!