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Heels: Cole Haan, White V-Neck: J.Crew Location: NYFW

Heels: Cole Haan, White V-Neck: J.Crew Location: NYFW

Essentially Spring

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When embarking outside once again after a harsh long winter into a highly anticipated spring, you need to transition fully and flawlessly. Meaning, don't be boring. We get it. Winter was hard on all of us - but please let's not dwell on it any longer than need be. Catalogues, though many of you might see them as outdated, are actually a great place to start looking for inspiration. 

White + Cropped

Color, some can't live with them, I certainly can't live without them. Whether you want it to or not, the colors you adorn yourself in say a profound amount about you. Especially whites. I have never been able to be the girl that can wear white without spilling on it. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? White pants parade!

Shimmery Metallics

Does anything reflect the skin better than a good metallic? I think not. In fact I cannot seem to get enough of metallics. No need to only accessorize with them, spread them around! Take this opportunity to make a massive metallic statement, let's do it! This is for the boys and the ladies. No gendered dressing allowed here!

Tote-ally Spring

If you don't change your bag when transitioning from winter to spring then you are DOING IT WRONG.