coocoo for cocomelody

Despite my very opinionated feelings about the entire concept of marriage - even I can admit this is one of the last formalities of the western world order. Where else is there such a formal set of rules that are obeyed by even the most liberal of couples? Bridal shower, bachelorette party, bachelor party, rings.. really expensive rings that somehow mean love because everyone else can see them? But most of all, the wedding dress. Given, when I do become a bride I'll be the most untraditional of them, I doubt I will even wear white; however I do realize I am in a minority with my beliefs. Women go crazy over weddings, and even crazier over their dresses. Combined with international brand Cocomelody and my very limited knowledge in the bridal arena I bring you.. guessed it! Designer wedding dresses

And not just designer wedding dresses.. Cheap bridesmaid dresses as well. Yep, I did not think it was a thing either but apparently it is! So instead of buying an expensive dress that you wear once, buy an inexpensive garment and spend the rest on a house, or a honeymoon or whatever it is that young couples by these days when starting their lives together. The best part? There is a discount happening right this very moment and you would be a fool to not take advantage. 

What do you all think about weddings and wedding dresses? Beautiful formality that should live on despite the changing gender relations in the modern world? A great place to party and an excuse to travel? Or an antiquated ritual that has no place in the world today other than to serve tax purposes? What are your thoughts??!?