How to Finding a Stunning Dress That Looks as if it was Made For You

Are you looking to find a dress that addresses your own unique and individual style? This takes planning.

Whether you want the traditional glitz and glam with elaborate 2018 gold prom dresses or want something more subtle, this article is a must-read. If you want to express this with a formal gown, a little more thought should be put into the process before putting your money down.

Here’s how:


1. Know yourself.

Truly knowing yourself is key to dressing in a way that is uniquely you.

Check your wardrobe and spot commonalities to help you further unveil your fashion personality.

2. Notice trends.

Ø  Two Piece – This can be unique as it’s less traditional and more noticeable.

Ø  Asymmetrical – Flattering one on most body types that stands the test of time! 

3. Play with colors.

Don’t take the safe route unless you find a design that really appeals to you. Instead, consider your favorite hues and determine which would look best on your natural color palette. 

4. Be bold.

Think about getting extra inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook or even the ASOS marketplace. These sites may not necessarily direct you to the point of purchase but will get your creative brain thinking outside of the box.

6. Find inspiration via magazines, print is not dead!

It’s fair to say that celebrities do provide a lot of inspiration when it comes down to quirky, one-of-a-kind dress sense. Looking through magazines or blogs may spark an idea.

The most important thing despite the guidelines we have given is that you are confident in your gown. Don't push yourself too far where you end up feeling uncomfortable.