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Sonia's Sustainable AF!

When it comes to sustainable clothing and products I get asked all the time, "But Kelly, where can I shop? How do I know it's ethical?" I have grown so passionate about this issue as it intertwines three of the things I feel most compassionate about: environmentalism, feminism and ethical fashion. My inspiring friend, Sonia, originally from Greece, has created a fabulous line of sustainable jewelry for men and women. The best part? It's completely hand-made and the options are absolutely endless. Just check it out! Delicate GR Wear !!!

Into color? Into purple as much as me? You are in luck!   Delicate GR Wear

Into color? Into purple as much as me? You are in luck! Delicate GR Wear

Sonia's line is not only ethically sound, but extremely powerful in bringing awareness to an economic situation in Greece that is in grave disarray. Delicate GR Wear looks to alleviate the current status of Greece, in her own words, 

"My ultimate goal is to teach these techniques to unemployed people in Greece and hopefully offer some jobs in the future or even transform unemployed to self-employed entrepreneurs. I will be able to give jobs to people or refugees that are in need of a way to make a living. Hopefully, this will serve in creating a sustainable business for the people of Greece and give them hope that things will improve. My company is based on ethics, the Ancient Greek "pneuma" and fellowship. We need to first change ourselves before we change our environment and ultimately the world around us. This handmade craftsmanship is something that I do beyond my full-time job as an engineer is because I feel a calling to make a difference in this world. We are all one and each one of us needs to contribute to the change world as we know it." 

After hearing the words of such an empowering woman, how could anyone not want to work with her in making a difference? For my friends and readers Sonia is offering an incredible 20% off for a very limited time! Please contact me for details. BE ENVIRONMENTALLY CHIC + SHOP Delicate GR Wear!