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Podcasts. If I'm being honest I never understood them. I am far too ADD and never had the patience to listen to some random voice. Who is it? Why can't I see them? Did I time travel back to 1924 where radio was the only form of entertainment. Then I stumbled upon Conscious Chatter and I began eating my shorts, I mean my words, I mean my feet (what?)


Kestrel Jenkins is the San Diego based founder of Conscious Chatter, an inclusive audio space that opens the doors to conversations about our clothing and the layers of stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear. The sensationally talented podcaster and ethical fashionista has succeeded in creating a venue that allows us to continue to learn more about the garment industry and how we can ll be a bigger part of positive change in the industry. Basically, it is everything I am obsessed with. 

Jenkins interviews some of the world's most interesting people and what they are doing in terms of ethics on Conscious Chatter. From Salt Gypsy + Sustainability within surf culture, Naadam and finding the world's fairest cashmere, or via referencing my previous employer, Project JUST and their seal of approval on RIZ board shorts (the envy of Californians everywhere.) 

I hope Conscious Chatter has the same effect on you as it had on me. At the very least, I hope she helps you look at things a little differently. Lucky for all of us, she agreed to to do any interview. Read below for all the deetz.


Kelly Madera: Who is Kestrel Jenkins and what is Conscious Chatter?

Kestrel Jenkins: I am a storyteller and a conscious style maven, who has been enthralled with clothing and dressing from a young age. Conscious Chatter is the podcast I host and produce, which was born 83 episodes ago. It's an inclusive audio space that opens the door to conversations about our clothing + the layers of stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear. As I like to say, it's "where what we wear matters".

KM: Why do you feel CC is relevant today? What inspired you to start it?
KJ: I think Conscious Chatter has been relevant since NAFTA pushed manufacturing overseas, and since fast fashion skyrocketed to being the "mainstream" way we shop. It's an especially valuable time to be having these conversations because the fashion industry is shifting, and finally, the big players are starting to take note that sustainability needs to be in their repertoire and it needs to be part of their future. Sustainability in fashion is expanding exponentially, and Conscious Chatter is a space to help celebrate the wins and small steps the industry is making to change the future of fashion.

KM: Who is your style icon?
KJ: Miroslav Duma + Cleo Wade

KM: How do you take your coffee? 
KJ: With a lot of frothed almond milk, honey + cinnamon

KM: How would you describe your personal style? 
KJ: A friend once referred to my style as being a "hybrid ferrari" - I think he really did understand my aesthetic when he put this name on it

KM: Dream job? 
KJ: Always searching but loving where I'm at, and enjoying the moments.

KM: Advice you would give to floundering fashionistas?
KJ: Embrace your personal style, and don't let anyone persuade you to stray from it.

KM: Catch phrase of choice? 
KJ: I'm curious about ...

KM: What can we look forward to from CC this coming year?
KJ: This upcoming year, there are some super exciting episodes launching - including a chat with the Accidental Icon and a Vogue-featured jewelry designer. Also, watch out for more video projects that will be coming your way. :)