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As a way to further understand our Fleet and what motivates them, I conducted over 15, 45-minute interviews which I used to determine an angle for a larger series that would fit in with the overall communications plan. I constructed an article for our Fleet Blog once per month with a dual audience in mind: Postmates couriers, corporate employees and our consumers. In addition, I created a feedback loop between our Postmates and Product Team. The selected works here are a reflection eluding to a larger body of my work.

Postmates + JVS — Fund Your Dreams, Your Bills, or Both

Postmates is built on the idea that technology can and should be leveraged to leave a lasting and positive impact on the users and communities we touch. This includes the core belief that economic and upward mobility should be readily available for all who want it.

Which is why we are proud to announce a pilot partnership with San Francisco-based JVS (Jewish Vocational Service), whose career pathway programming transforms lives by helping people build skills to find jobs and achieve self-sufficiency.

The gig economy offers options for economic security at a moment’s notice. We are proud to be a part of that; whether your reason for joining the Postmates Fleet is to fund your dreams, your bills, or both.

For some in our Postmates Fleet, this means being able to fund your dreams as an artist, as is the case for Alexia A.. For many others, it means having a financial cushion when life throws you a curveball–which is where Vianne C. found herself last year when the sudden loss of a place to live upended her comfortable life.

But we believe in offering more than that.

Through the end of the year, Bay Area-based Postmates Fleet who have completed at least 10 deliveries on our platform will have the opportunity to participate in Job Search Accelerator (JSA), a 2-week intensive designed for people who have a target job in mind but may need help sharpening the skills needed to nail the interview process.

The JSA program is traditionally funded with grants from the Department of Labor, which has strict guidelines around who qualifies. By providing private funding, we are able to remove those barriers to entry and widen the net of those within our Fleet who can apply.

“As the world of work changes and more people work in the platform economy, JVS is excited to launch this partnership with Postmates to help fleet members navigate their careers and achieve their goals.”

— Abby Snay, CEO, Jewish Vocational Service

Postmates accepted into Job Search Accelerator will receive —

  • 36 hours of job search skills training

  • Mock interviews

  • 1-on-1 career advisement

  • Weekly group support and seminars

  • Access to additional mock interview practice events

  • Access to alumni support online

  • Small-group sessions focused on resumes and other materials.

This partnership comes after months of efforts aimed at gaining a deep understanding not only who the members of our Fleet are, but what motivates them to participate in the gig-economy, and ultimately, how to create a sustainable future of work while providing a positive experience that extends beyond what has traditionally been largely online.

“Postmates has always been about unlocking the best of our communities. From supporting local businesses and accelerating the discovery of the tastes & products that define the character of our neighborhoods, we recognize we are not just transforming the flow of commerce in cities — we are also shaping the future of work in an era of the new digital economy. While our Postmates fleet values the flexibility of working on our platform, we know they are also designers, musicians, parents and entrepreneurs. By partnering with JVS we are looking to pair the unique skills and backgrounds of our Postmates to new career development resources. This will not only enable our inaugural pilot class to reach towards their aspirations, but it will also allow us to evaluate the investments necessary to bridge worker flexibility and economic mobility for a 21st century workforce.”

-Vikrum Aiyer, VP Public Policy, Postmates

Kelly Madera