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As a way to further understand our Fleet and what motivates them, I conducted over 15, 45-minute interviews which I used to determine an angle for a larger series that would fit in with the overall communications plan. I constructed an article for our Fleet Blog once per month with a dual audience in mind: Postmates couriers, corporate employees and our consumers. In addition, I created a feedback loop between our Postmates and Product Team. The selected works here are a reflection eluding to a larger body of my work.

Postmates Connects Fleet to Healthcare Resources

At Postmates, we understand that choosing the right healthcare provider can be daunting, particularly for freelancers, independent contractors, and other small business owners. For this reason, Postmates has partnered with Stridefor the third year in a row to take the guesswork out of selecting healthcare for 2019.

Stride will assist our Postmates in navigating questions about important government resources like www.healthcare.gov, and many more. Through the Stride partnership, Postmates joins forces with the Tech United for Independent Access to Healthcare — a coalition of on-demand, sharing-economy, and tech-health platforms — to provide as many people as possible the most up-to-date information about this year’s Open Enrollment period.

Starting today, we are launching a co-branded multichannel campaign for the Postmates Fleet with tools, resources, and educational content designed to take the stress out choosing health insurance.

Resources our Fleet can expect from us going forward:

  • Personalized recommendations for health insurance based on preferred doctors, prescription drugs, and medical conditions

  • Access to more plans than government exchanges (at the same price)

  • Phone, chat, and email support for any and all health insurance questions on a year round basis

By partnering with Stride, our Fleet will save time and money by avoiding additional insurance and tax costs. On average our Postmates will save $300 per month on health insurance through Stride.

Postmates works with Stride, our preferred health insurance provider, to provide affordable access to health insurance for independent contractors. Enrollment runs from Nov. 1 (or October 15 if you live in California) through January 19.

Get started today at http://stride.care/postmates.

Kelly Madera