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As a way to further understand our Fleet and what motivates them, I conducted over 15, 45-minute interviews which I used to determine an angle for a larger series that would fit in with the overall communications plan. I constructed an article for our Fleet Blog once per month with a dual audience in mind: Postmates couriers, corporate employees and our consumers. In addition, I created a feedback loop between our Postmates and Product Team. The selected works here are a reflection eluding to a larger body of my work.

Postmates Connects Fleet to Free Health Savings

At Postmates, we are passionate about empowering our Fleet to take greater control of their financial wellness to build healthier futures.

That’s why we are building upon our partnership with Stride Health, which connects our Fleet to health care navigation resources during Open Enrollment, by teaming up with Starship to pilot a new vehicle that makes saving and paying for healthcare easier, for those with qualifying coverage plans.

Starship offers a free Health Savings Account (HSA) that has all the tools needed to save, spend, and invest for healthcare. With Starship, Postmates with HSA eligible health coverage will be able to stash away money tax-free into an HSA, swipe their Starship card on eligible health expenses tax-free, and even automatically grow their extra funds tax-free in an investment account for just $1/m.

The partnership, which launches today, will connect the Postmates Fleet with better tools, resources, and educational content designed to take the stress out saving and paying for healthcare. From career development resources to tax filing resources, to HSAs, we are committed to experimenting with connecting a suite of resources to our Fleet, and measuring adoption and impact to better understand the needs of an independent workforce. Such experiments will ensure that we keep worker voice central to discussions around building a new social compact for independent work; and ensure that we make targeted, and tailored benefit investments rooted in data.

Here’s what you can expect from Starship:

  • A freshly printed Starship debit card for eligible health payments

  • Access to a sleek mobile app to track health savings, spending, and investing

  • Savings threshold for automatic investments in low-fee funds

  • Digital receipt storage for recordkeeping

  • Easily reimburse yourself back for out-of-pocket expenses

  • Live chat and email support for all things health savings

By partnering with Starship, our Fleet will save money through the incredible tax-free contributions HSAs offer. On average, Postmates who contribute $2,000 into a Starship HSA can save more than $500 in taxes annually.

Postmates works with Starship, our preferred health savings provider, to provide access to a free health savings account for independent contractors. Postmates can enroll in Starship anytime, and Starship will help determine eligibility during enrollment. Get started today at https://starshiphsa.com.

Kelly Madera